TAASE – who we are

The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise (TAASE) is a research concentration within UniSA’s Business School. The purpose of TAASE is to engage with people and communities, and to partner with the organisations which serve them, in order to produce research which enables evidence-led change for the social service sector and people in need of social support.

TAASE is an interdisciplinary and cross-university research concentration that works with marginalised communities and vulnerable people who are experts in their own lives. This work helps to ensure that decisions affecting people’s lives draw on their stories, their strengths, and their capacity to realise their potential.

“What we’re interested in is the potential for innovation and reform that you find when you step outside of the echo chamber and listen to the aspirations of people and communities. People are enterprising. As researchers, our job is to witness that, to prosecute that message, and to bring learned experience and lived experience together in pursuit of an inclusive future.” Professor Ian Goodwin-Smith, Director

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