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Research report now available

A short report on the findings of the research is available from the researchers: contact Veronica.Coram@unisa.edu.au.

Shifting concerns as the pandemic progresses

The results of the third COVID-19 community sector snapshot indicate concerns continue to evolve as the immediate health threats of the pandemic abate and the broader impacts of the lockdown response become clearer. Early analysis of the qualitative data reveals changing patterns over time. Wave 3 of the survey saw the emergence of a significantContinue reading “Shifting concerns as the pandemic progresses”

Tracking client acute need – are we entering the eye of the storm?

Our third fortnightly snapshot of the COVID-19 community snapshot is now open. The first two snapshots have produced a significant amount of data that we are currently working through to identify patterns and correlations. It is clear that the community services sector has shifted from concerns around the need for PPE and other COVID appropriateContinue reading “Tracking client acute need – are we entering the eye of the storm?”

Snapshot one – early indicators and initial thoughts

Snapshot two is now open. We had an impressive response to our first fortnightly COVID-19 community sector survey. Senior community service sector leaders and line-managers from every Australian state and territory responded.  Diversity was also reflected by the spread of providers who service urban, regional and/or remote areas.  While the qualitative data are still beingContinue reading “Snapshot one – early indicators and initial thoughts”

Media release: Helping frontline community service workers respond to the challenges of COVID-19

07 April 2020 As the social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to spread through the Australian community, many people requiring support from the nation’s community service sector are more vulnerable than ever, while delivery of the services they need is becoming increasingly complicated. The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise (TAASE), based at the University ofContinue reading “Media release: Helping frontline community service workers respond to the challenges of COVID-19”

Frontline community services

Why the snapshot? Across the world the health and community services sectors have been overwhelmed by acute reactions to the COVID-19 virus. ‘Flattening the curve’ has become a key objective for many governments, with community ‘staying safe at home’ being an important part of containing the spread. Frontline workers are undertaking vital tasks that placeContinue reading “Frontline community services”

TAASE – who we are

The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise (TAASE) is a research concentration within UniSA’s Business School. The purpose of TAASE is to engage with people and communities, and to partner with the organisations which serve them, in order to produce research which enables evidence-led change for the social service sector and people in need of socialContinue reading “TAASE – who we are”

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